Titan Pollution Control Ltd (now part of the Kingspan group) have a long history of providing sewage treatment solutions. Their main product is the Entec Biotec sewage treatment plant.

The Titan – Entec Biotec uses a system of an air lift to distribute sewage effluent over a fixed media where in turn a biomass forms. The biomass grows, due to being in contact with the natural oxygen in the air and then with the bacteria in the effluent.

The Entec Biotec process is simple in its design and has no mechanical parts within the main unit. This has the advantage of no component damage if there is a long term power cut. The air lift system is powered by a small compressor mounted at surface level, normally near to the Biotec plant.

At MTM we have extensive knowledge of Titan sewage treatment plant and installing the Titan Entec Biotec system and we can provide you with an independent view of these and other Titan products. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kingspan Titan Biotec Sewage Treatment Plant Installer

Titan Sewage Treatment Plant