Septic Tank and Soakaway Surveys can be undertaken in a number of ways and MTM can advise on the correct type of septic tank survey you require. Pre-Purchase septic tank surveys are carried out by our Degree qualified Civil Engineers. We offer a visual Septic Tank inspection and Soakaway Survey with a full report and any recommendations.

How we differ from our competitors is through our experience and ability to find a solution. As the bulk of Septic Tank drainage is below ground it is sometimes difficult to ascertain the problem. Using good quality drain survey equipment and a clear understanding of drainage and building construction we can locate problems, investigate your septic tank, check your pipework and advise accordingly.

Many of our customers return to us time after time, they have the confidence to know that a septic tank drain survey undertaken by MTM will be as comprehensive as possible for the task that is required.

We can supply a range of septic tank surveys and the main services are

1. A pre-purchase septic tank inspection or Cess pit and soak away survey.

2. An advice survey for a possible new drainage scheme, a new septic tank/treatment plant or alterations to a building.

3. Costings of upgrading your Septic tank, Cess Pit or Cess Pool.

Pre-Purchase Septic Tank Surveys

Prompt full written reports

Pre-Purchase Septic Tank Surveys

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