A simple horizontal flow reed bed unit (Ideal for final treatment to a domestic sewage system).

MTM can undertake the installation of horizontal flow reed bed units that are designed to act as a final tertiary treatment of effluent from a domestic sewage treatment plant.

These units are sometimes required where the Environment Agency require an additional treatment level to that already produced by a treatment plant.

A reed bed works by the reeds releasing oxygen through their roots into the “reed bed”. The reed bed is made from a reed called Phragmites australis.

The reeds pass oxygen, absorbed by their leaf system, via their stems and rhizomes to their roots – the Rhizoshpere. Two small reed bed units are generally all that is required for a single house unit and they require very little maintenance.

Please contact us for further advice on reed beds and if they would be suitable for your site. Please note, MTM do not install large reed bed systems only small units on domestic treatment units.

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