Gutter down pipes can lead to rain water soakaways

If you find your gutter overflowing or water leaking out of a joint on your rain water down pipe from your gutter this may be a simple blockage i.e. leaves, but could indicate that the rain water soakaway is no longer being effective.

Rain water soakaways tend to be large pits filled with open stone. A typical rain water soakaway from one domestic house would be about 1.0m3 in capacity.

General problems with rain water soakaways are tree root infestation. As these soakpits tend to be in garden areas then roots find their way into the soakaway and clog it up. If this is the case then a new soakaway will need to be constructed.

Our engineer may be able to confirm root damage by gaining access to the base of the rain down-pipe and using our mini camera head to survey into the soakaway section.

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