Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment Plant

Marsh UNI Ensign Sewage Plant  –   EA Certified Treatment Plant 

Permit to Discharge Exempt Status

Drive way/trafficed area option available

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The Marsh UNI ENsign standard range of package sewage treatment plants is available for population equivalents of 6 to 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 persons and upwards, with various combinations of invert levels and gravity or pumped outlets.

Marsh Industries sewage treatment plants have been tested for pH levels, a test that are included in BS EN 12566-3 the new standard for sewage treatment plants. A version of the UNI ENsign is also available for use in areas with a particularly high water table, including a built-in effluent pump if required. With a 25 year structual warranty these units  will give you a long term solution for treatment of your drainage. The Marsh ENsign also benefits from very few moving components plus there is very little servicing to be carried out, a great benefit when looking at long term running costs of treatement plants.

The team at MTM like working with the Marsh sewage treatment plant because of its compact size but long de-sludge interval and minimal ground profile, only one small cover and a desludge access are visable.  The Marsh ENsign is also on the Enviroment Agency’s certified products list that means the plant can qualify to register for exemption from a permit to discharge.  This speeds up the process of having to wait sometomes upto 4 months for Environment Approval, the E.A. aim to give an excemption certificate within 15 working days.