Biorock sewage treatment plant

The Biorock sewage treatment plant units work without any electrical or mechanical aerators. They only need a natural draught to keep the water that has been treated aerated. Silently and continuously…. Up to a million complex organisms consumes the waste.

The Biorock treatment plant requires no electrical power to work and still meets EN12566 standards, this is a useful system with sites that have limited electrical supplies or for clients that are looking for a very low annual running cost. Biorock units need a simple primary/septic tank upfront which need only be emptied once each year.

The sewage treatment plant is built using a Roto Mould system giving a very high quality of tank unit. The Biorock factory is in Luxemborg where they have a vast track record in non electric treatment plants throughout Europe.

If your site has no electrical supply or you are looking for a very environmental friendly treatment plant, then we would be most pleased to advise you if the Biorock Treatment Plant would suit your site conditions. The Biorock Treatment Plant also has a low annual maintenance requirement, no electrical running costs and a proven track record.

Using a simple natural air draught system the Biorock Plant can easily be installed onto existing septic tanks where the final effluent can be treated to EN12566 standard, no electricity needed.

BIOROCK compact sewage treatment without electricity zero energy. FOOL PROOF!