GENERAL DRAIN PROBLEMS (domestic & commercial)

A drain problem will occur from time to time with any drain system. The most common problems are a seiple blockage; because liquid as well as solid waste is transmitted along drain pipes it is inevitable at some time that a block and problem will occur, (see Drain Clearance).

Having a blockage does not mean there is any structural problem with the drain pipe. Most blockages are readily cleared and never occur at that location again, (see Drain Clearance).

What if the bockage re-occurs? It may be the time to look a litlel closer. Using a CCTV camera, a survey of the pipe work can be undertaken and any defects can be highlighted, (see Surveys).

Common faults and problems with drainage pipeword are;-

  1. Cracked or broken sections of pipework.
  2. Dropped or open joints.
  3. Root ingress into the pipework.
  4. Sections of level pipework (without a run) or sections that pond.

All of the above defects are normally easily rectified either via conventional excavation and repair or lining the existing pipe, (see drain repairs).

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