Drain Repair BookIf there is a length of defective drain pipe then removing this section and installing a new pipe should cure the problem. However, at MTM Drains we always look a bit further and check that the whole system is functioning correctly. Is there sufficient run on the pipeline? Are there any unusual pipework connections?

We will advise on what we feel is the most suitable type of repair and the extent of that drainage repair and excavation.

Our commitment to quality will ensure that any repair will be carried out to the highest standard and provide a long  trouble free lifespan. We follow the guidelines as detailed in The Drain Repair Book. This document has been created so there is a standard that the drainage industry can work to.

Drain Repair Book

If your drain is damaged in the area of a public highway then MTM Drains are Street Works Accredited Contractors and can arrange for all the required permits to undertake highway works and suitable drainage repairs, see (Highway Excavation).

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