Mantair Septic Tank Conversion Systems Design

The MANTAIR range of septic tank conversion units provide a discreet, reliable and cost effective solution to sewage treatment for domestic dwellings and small scale commercial and industrial premises without mains drainage, but where existing tankage is present.

The MANTAIR Conversion Unit is a purpose made unit designed to fit completely within an existing septic tank or cesspool, effectively converting it into a small sewage treatment plant.

All Mantair units are designed to ensure that the completed installation will comply with the Royal Commission Standard, the normal standard required by the Environment Agency and SEPA for the discharge of effluent direct to a natural watercourse. No further soak away or filters are therefore necessary.

Sites that have an existing septic tank can benefit from the cost saving using a Retro Fit unit, also sites where access for a full size treatment plant is difficult can also benefit from the Mantair sytem. 

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