Repairs to drain pipes are very common; the original drain pipes were constructed from clay materials and are susceptible to damage. Some pipes are constructed from a material called Pitch Fibre, this tends to loose its cross sectional strength.

If a drain is damaged it can normally be repaired via two processes.

  1. Conventional excavation and drain repairs (see conventional repair).
  2. The use of a resin lining system (see lining system).

Drain Repair BookAny conventional excavation will cause some disruption by the very nature of the work involved. If this is the most suitable repair for your needs then the experience of the MTM management and workforce will ensure that your site is kept safe, tidy and the work conducted with the minumum of inconvenience to yourselves.

A lining system normally removes the inconvenience caused by open excavations. If lining is suitable as the preferred method then we can undertake the works normally in a single day. If suitable pitch fibre pipes can be lined after a process of re-rounding (see re-rounding).

Unlike the general drain companies, all of the MTM staff are from a civil engineering background, (see deep excavation). We understand how to undertake excavation works and carry out repairs professionally and on time, at a competitive price.

The Drain Repair Book - Setting The Standard for Domestic Drain Repairs.

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